We are your scouting partner in handball

Are you a handball player or handball coach looking for a club? Then we have a handball club for you

Are you a representative of a handball club and do you need a handball player or a handball coach? Then you are in the right place

We have Handball players for you

We have a handball club for you

Do you need a coach?

Do you nead a tem to couching

We know who is looking for a coach. Register and we will contact you

How can we cooperate?

Extremely simple in a few steps

Then we contact you and have the first conversation, and make a cooperation plan based on the needs and possibilities in the process


  • if you are a coach or player, we send an offer to the appropriate club that is looking for a coach/player of your description
  • if you have registered a club, we send you offers with players based on the needs and capacities of the club


  • The registration process is completely free for all participants
  • Sending offers to clubs as well
  • Player scouting is charged to clubs depending on the quality of the player