About us

We are a scouting handball portal that aims to connect players and clubs, coaches and clubs, coaches and players for individual work.

The site was created with the idea of helping clubs in Germany to more easily find suitable handball players in accordance with their capabilities, ambitions and the rank of the competition in which they are. By combining various resources, such as decades of handball experience, a large number of contacts, an enviable IT potential and the development of modern technologies, we have obtained the conceptual solution that you are now using

Using the system itself is free. All data recorded will be kept confidential, especially from public display on the site. The data that will be displayed on the site is the data approved by our users (For example: successfully completed story …) but for such a thing it is necessary to agree to one or both parties in the process (coach, player, coach <> club, player <> club) That information will be displayed in our news section.

We plan to provide marketing support to clubs and players starting from the second half of 2023, as an additional resource for achieving the best possible results in the process of scouting and finding a handball club.