Our players

Youth and potential

Left / Center backcourt player

We present to you our most talented young player on our roster. Christopher Selles is a young Cuban national player, born in 2000, who has the opportunity to play in the EU. In April, he won the gold medal at the IHF World Championship for Developing Handball Nations. He plays in the positions of center backcourt and left-handed backcourt player, and is known for his incredible athletic abilities as well as excellent tactical and technical training.

He makes a difference on the field

Pivot player

We introduce to you Leonardo Domenech De Almeida, a 202 cm tall pivot player hailing from Brazil. He has extensive international experience in top European leagues, and with his defensive and offensive attributes, he can make a significant difference on the field.

Experience and quality

Right back

Wir präsentieren Ihnen einen rechten Rückraumspieler, der auf verschiedene Arten spielen kann. Jan Gorela ist ein ehemaliger slowenischer Nationalspieler, der über taktische und technische Fähigkeiten verfügt, die Ihr Angriffspotenzial bereichern würden. Darüber hinaus übernimmt er gerne die Rolle des Schützen in entscheidenden Momenten des Spiels, sodass seine Statistiken oft beeindruckend sind.

Mentor for your team

Trainer / Master Coach

We bring a coach from Italy whose player name is significant for today’s generations. As a player, Filiberto Kokuca was a perfect left and middle backcourt player who could meet all tactical demands on the field. Now he presents himself as an undiscovered coaching talent with the potential to take clubs to a higher level.

Speed and power

Left / Center backcourt player

We present to you a pearl from Slovenia. Faster than a bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, Domen Stopar is a player who will bring dynamism to your attack

Goal scorer from Hungary

Left / Center backcourt player

We have a proposal for you. Engage Nebojša Vojinović as much as you want to increase the effectiveness of your attack. He holds records in almost all leagues and teams in which he played for the number of goals scored

Balkan muscles arrive in Germany


We present to you a technically perfect and extremely strong pivotman who already has rich international experience.
Marko Došen will bring you the stability in attack and defense that you need for the further development of your team